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2014 Business Meeting (event)

In partnership the Longview Foundation and NAFSA: Association of International Educators, GTE's Executive Director Caitlin Haugen supported an application for a new Topical Action Group (TAG) - Internationalizing Teacher Education - with The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE).  

After several weeks of online and in-person collaboration with interested members, GTE submitted the final application to AACTE in early September, and received notification later that month that the TAG had been accepted.  The application included the names of nearly 50 faculty and deans who are interested in participating in the group. The first meeting of the TAG will convene at the 2014 AACTE Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.

More information and final application submitted to AACTE:


Donna Wiseman, Dean, University of Maryland - College Park

Joanne Arhar, Associate Dean, Kent State University

Jayne Fleener, Dean, North Carolina State University

Statement of Purpose

The Internationalization of Teacher Education Topical Action Group (TAG) supports the integration of international, intercultural, and global experiences and perspectives into the curriculum of teacher education (including the clinical component) to ensure that all teachers are properly trained to prepare their students to thrive in a globally connected, diverse world.  This TAG focuses on identifying and assessing unique indicators of global competency in pre- and in-service teachers and programs. It also focuses on measuring the benefits and impact of internationalization on teacher education programs and recent graduates.  It promotes this agenda through conducting and disseminating research, sharing examples and best practices, facilitating a mentoring program, and analyzing policy.

Proposed Activities

Create a forum for information sharing – both online (through AACTE’s online social networking space and on GlobalTeacherEducation.org) and in person (in workshops, conference presentations, and events) – that allows for the discussion and identification of:

  • Innovative approaches and promising practices within subject areas and pedagogy; between colleges of education and other units on campus; and between colleges of education and NGOs that deepen international understanding within local settings
    • Funding sources to support internationalization efforts and associated research
    • Potential partners that allow creation of meaningful relationships with international peer institutions that facilitate the movement of teacher education students in a variety of intercultural settings.

Facilitate and present research

  • Identify research agendas on internationalization to promote evidence-based teacher education that enhances PK-12 student learning
  • Write articles for publication online and in peer reviewed journals, including proposing special issues
  • Organize workshops and forums and present research findings at conferences, including international meetings of teacher educators
  • Investigate the interplay between internationalization and national standards – such as InTASC or Common Core
  • Promote the integration of all of the above into the AACTE program and policy efforts across the organization and member institutions.

Facilitate policy research and information dissemination:

  • Analyze ways policy influences internationalization efforts (accreditation issues, for example), including federal, state, and regional policy influences
  • Examine influence of policy on standards across disciplines in teacher education and education administration.

Promote study/clinical experience/student teaching abroad programs and domestic opportunities that provide cross-cultural exposure and build intercultural understanding:

  • Collaborate with institutions in the U.S. and abroad to provide opportunities for programs to connect directly
  • Identify, develop and/or refine a framework for reflective processes, assessments, and mentoring efforts during placements
  • Highlight promising management and funding practices or these programs.
  • Collaborate with institutions in the U.S. and abroad to provide opportunities for programs to connect directly
  • Examine the impact of such experiences on subsequent professional practice.

Engage graduate students in teacher education in these activities to create a legacy of researchers in the field of internationalization of teacher education.

Interested in getting involved?

Email GTE's Executive Director, Caitlin Haugen - chaugen at globalteachereducation dot org.

For more information on TAGs, refer to the TAG page on AACTE's website.  

For reference, the slides from the first meetingvideo of the meeting proceedings, and the discussion about the application are all available online.

Relevant TAG Pages - check for updates
TAG Updates
2014 Business Meeting (event)