Advisory Committees

GTE calls upon committees of experts in the educator preparation space with experience in various aspects of internationalization to advise on website content and strategic planning.  A list of GTE's committees and its members are provided below.  Connect with committee members through the Member Directory to learn more about their experiences and expertise.

Committee on International Field Experiences

Sharon Brennan

Sharon Brennan serves as Director of Field Experiences for the College of Education at the University of Kentucky. She also serves as the Chair of the International Initiatives Advisory Committee for the college.  She oversees and coordinates international student teaching placements through the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST). She frequently coauthors publications and presents on internationalizing teacher education, global competencies for educators, and international student teaching experiences. She is a past chair of both the Consortium on Overseas Student Teaching and the Association of Teacher Educators Committee on International Teaching and is a member of international, national, and college-level advisory boards on international education. 

Kenneth Cushner

Kenneth Cushner is Professor of Education at Kent State University and serves as Director of the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST), a collaboration of 15 colleges and universities in the United State that provides opportunities for its students to have quality student teaching experiences in overseas settings. Since its inception in 1972, COST has arranged for more than 1,000 education majors overseas to fulfill their student teaching requirements in national schools in English-speaking countries or in American or international schools in non-English speaking countries. COST is currently housed at Kent State University. Ken is author or editor of numerous books and articles in the field of intercultural and international education; a former Fulbright scholar to Sweden; a Founding Fellow and past-President of the International Academy for Intercultural Research; directed Semester at Sea's Teachers at Sea program in the summers of 2010 and 2011; and has organized and led international travel programs on all seven continents.

Craig Kissock

As Director of Educators Abroad, Craig Kissock has provided overseas student teaching experiences, internships for teachers, practica, and foreign language teaching assistantships to nearly 3,000 participants in 66 countries.  Beginning as a teacher educator in 1967 he has taught in the United States, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. He works with teacher educators in over 50 countries to foster use of a global perspective of teaching and teacher education in educational decision making.  He is active in national and international organizations of teacher educators, served as Chair of the Global and International Committee of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, and has co-edited journals representing the viewpoints of teacher educators in several countries.

Leigh Martin

Leigh Martin currently lives in Seoul, South Korea where she coordinates the International Student Teaching Center for the University of Northern Iowa (UNI).  Each year, UNI places over 100 student teachers, from UNI and partnership universities, in various international schools throughout the world such as India, Tanzania, Brazil and Korea, to name a few.  Leigh is also a Program Director for the UNI Master’s degree program for Teacher Leaders in American International Schools.   Leigh completed her student teaching in Egypt, and taught in international schools in Egypt and Brazil for eight years.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education and a Master’s in International Education.  She completed her PhD in Education Leadership from Iowa State University, and her dissertation focused on the intercultural development of educators who completed their student teaching in non-western cultures, and the impact of those overseas experiences on their classrooms during their first year of teaching.

Laura Stachowski

Laura Stachowski is the director of the Global Gateway for Teachers (formerly the Cultural Immersion Projects) at Indiana University, Bloomington. She administers and supervises student teaching placements in 18 countries, on the Navajo Nation, and in Chicago Public Schools.  She also coordinates an overseas practicum for experienced teachers. Through the new Global Gateway, Stachowski secures overseas school placements for student teachers at partnering universities and colleges around the U.S. Her passion for international education began as a student teacher in England in 1979, after which she worked with the Cultural Immersion Projects through graduate school until becoming director in 1995. A faculty member in Curriculum and Instruction, Stachowski writes about and presents on cultural immersion in student teaching and the important outcomes of such experiences.