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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

No, the GTE is a national U.S. nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization. We are a resource built by teacher educators for teacher educators. 

Yes, we’d be happy to let more people know about the great work that is going on and give them a chance to engage in our community of education professionals.  You can also share content from our site via social media.

At this time, we are an interactive online community.  We provide complete resources, examples, and information for various professionals in the field of teacher preparation. We also host community forum discussions that facilitate professional connections specifically around the work of internationalizing teacher preparation. 

GTE is continually working with teacher educators to offer strategies and methods for internationalizing programs and engaging with educators on campus and around the country. Where we can provide specific documents, videos or tools related to internationalizing teacher preparation, we have provided access to them for you to download.

There are no registration fees or usage fees. We exist as a service to the field.

Our administrator wants to ensure that every user is the person she or he claims to be.  This ensures users are connected to the correct communities and helps us avoid spam and phishing.

We want to tailor the GTE experience to each user.  We have created different communities based on affiliation to allow our users a chance to share resources with others who share their affiliation.  The site also offers users the chance to connect with individuals outside their affiliation group – such as by geographical location or research interest area.

Visit the registration page and create a profile.  Be sure to create specify your research interest areas so you can connect with others who share the same interests.  Once your registration is confirmed, you can participate in areas of the site that may have content exclusive to you based on your affiliation.  For further questions, email

There is a great deal of important information on the site that can be viewed by any visitor without registration.   However, to post messages and to participate in discussions among affiliation groups, registration is required.

Content Questions

GTE is constantly looking for excellent content that contributes to the field. Our emphasis at this time is focused on teacher preparation programs in the United States. Individual materials or resources are selected on the basis of originality of theme, quality of the work, and scholarship of the contributors. There are opportunities to contribute both solicited and unsolicited work on the site as it relates to the topic of educator preparation.  Post your recommendations here or connect with us here to share your recommendations

GTE’s definition of teacher education includes both pre-service and in-service learning experiences for educators. Because this field is quite large, the resources and content on this site are predominantly focused on pre-service teacher preparation. Over time this may evolve to include more resources focused on teachers and school leaders working in the field.

For our definition of global competence, please visit the Theory & Practice section. 

Visit the Theory & Practice section for our framework for internationalizing teacher education.

Contribution Questions

As busy professionals, we are often bombarded with too much information – which is why we give registered users the option to determine how frequently they want to hear from us on their profile page. 

Yes, we welcome additional case studies of additional teacher education programs that are internationalizing teacher preparation.  Connect with us here to share your recommendations or contact the GTE site administrator at

Academics and professionals committed to internationalizing teacher education programs.  If you are interested in submitting a blog post, visit the About section for more information on submitting your idea.

You can share syllabi, examples, best practices, how-tos, MOUs, webinars, tables, images, or videos – any resources that contribute to the field of internationalizing teacher education programs.  You can also post content from within different sections of the GTE site.

First, you must register and be approved by our administrator.  From your profile page, click the blue “Post Content” button, specify what kind of content you wish you upload, and fill in the fields. 

GTE welcomes your recommendations as we are seeking to provide as much information as we can about the field. We rely on our community to help make this a robust, current resource. Please post your resources here or connect with us here to share your recommendations.  If you are unsure how to post a resource, you can find out more here. offers many different avenues to get involved.  A great place to start is the Connect section.  There you can start a discussion in our forums, read our blog, post or review upcoming events, or upload a webinar.  You can also discuss or comment on any existing content.  Our Members Directory allows members to find other registered users by research area or geographical region.  You may also visit our reference desk where you can browse either the Strategies & Methods sections that highlights different efforts across campuses or the Theory & Practice section that features case studies from different campuses in the U.S.

Connection Questions

You will be notified via email when a user wishes to connect with you.  You can also visit your profile page and select the “Inbox” tab in the upper right hand corner. 

Once you have found a user through our Member Directory, you can send them a message by accessing their profile. 

Visit the Member Directory section of our website under Connect.  You can search for registered users by affiliation, research area, or university.