Global Campaign for Education-US Provides Global Education Resources to GTE Members

Jul 28, 2014

by Caitlin Haugen

Global Campaign for Education-US (GCE-US), an advocacy coalition seeking to ensure that all young people worldwide have access to a quality education, will provide copies of the documentary films “Girl Rising” and “Building Hope” for screening in their classrooms and schools.  GCE-US – comprised of nearly 70 member organizations – offers these films in order to build awareness in this country of the struggle that millions of boys and girls around the world go through receive an education.

And it is a struggle.  According to Ed Gragert, Director of GCE-US and GTE Steering Committee Member. Gragert notes that 58 million primary aged children and over 70 million secondary aged children are not in school across the globe.  Even many who are in school are not receiving the quality education they deserve. Nearly 40% of the world’s youth are illiterate (250 million) – many of whom are in school.

Educators can screen films with students and use them to discuss barriers children around the world face when attempting to receive a quality education.  They can also be used in conjunction with GCE-US’ Lesson For All Curriculum (materials developed for educators to teach about Education for All and the worldwide struggle for education).  “Building Hope,” produced by Nobelity, is a documentary that chronicles the efforts of a group in Texas that built primary and secondary schools in a community in Kenya that had no schools.  “Girl Rising” shares the stories of nine girls (told by the girls themselves), all from different countries; highlighting the obstacles they face when trying to receive an education.  Both Nobelity and Girl Rising (a project of 10x10 film production company) are Global Campaign for Education-US coalition members, and GCE-US works to feature resources developed by its members.

Gragert recently reached out to GTE make our members and other globally minded teacher educators aware of this resource.  “It’s important for pre-service teachers to know that resources exist that can help build awareness of this global crisis in education.”  Gragert expands on this in his recent blog for GTE.