Program Providers for International Field Experiences

Many campuses and organizations offer international field experiences in education.  This list of program providers and campuses that offer these experiences can assist pre-service teacher seeking an international field placement for their student teaching experience, faculty members seeking resources on providing these opportunities to their students, or deans who want to support student teaching abroad in their colleges.

Program Providers

The following programs provide international field experiences for pre-service teachers.  If a contact is provided, click on the name and you will be directed to that user's profile where you can message that person directly for more information by clicking on the “Send Message” icon.


Bridge has nearly 30 years of experience promoting student mobility through international experiences by bringing international students to the United States and sending American students abroad.  Bridge offers English language training in five countries, study abroad opportunities, and TEFL training for recent graduates interested in teaching abroad.  In addition to providing international study and internship opportunities open to education majors, Bridge now offers a student teaching abroad experience in Argentina that includes intensive Spanish language training.  Bridge is currently working with two universities to facilitate faculty-led student teaching opportunities, and welcomes students from other institutions who wish to independently pursue international field experiences.  Faculty interested in providing opportunities or students interested in participating in Bridge’s program may contact Lisa Rooney, Vice President of Institutional Relations.

Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST)

COST is a collaboration of 15 colleges and universities in the United States that places students in international student teaching assignments in nearly 20 countries.  The program has partnerships with one or more schools in each country, allowing them to cater to most teaching areas.  Kenneth Cushner directs the program out of Kent State University.  The program is not accepting new partners at this time and does not accept students outside its current partner universities, but serves as a resource and model that may be replicated by other interested groups of institutions.

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDDEA)

DoDDEA operates a network of Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) worldwide to provide an American-based, quality education to military families stationed overseas and civilian employees on international assignments.  Candidates attending accredited institutions with agreements with DoDDS are eligible to student teach in DoDDS schools all over the world.  Nearly 250 institutions in the United States participate in the program.

Educators Abroad

Educators Abroad (EA) is an independent organization that has placed over 3,000 student teachers in 67 countries worldwide since its inception. EA arranges individual or faculty led short practicum experiences, student teaching placements, and post graduate internships. EA works closely with students and their host institutions to provide an international field experience tailored to students' needs. Craig Kissock serves as director of EA.  

Global Gateway for Teachers

Formerly Cultural Immersions Projects, the Global Gateway for Teachers places student teachers in 18 countries for approximately eight weeks.  The program is based out of Indiana University's School of Education, but places students from other campuses around the United States.  The program also offers experiences abroad for in-service teachers.  Laura Stachowski acts as director of the program.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is an international education organization that has provided study abroad programs for over 23 years and international student teaching/internship opportunities for over 15 years.  They partner with institutions to provide placements in eight countries around the world.  The organization also provides a variety of program options to education majors and faculty interested in international experiences.  Barbara M. West is the Director of Internship programs.

IFSA – Butler University

IFSA is a nonprofit organization housed at Butler University in Indianapolis that offers study abroad opportunities in all disciplines, but also currently offers teacher education programs in Northern Ireland, Australia, and Costa Rica.  Students can choose a track with only coursework or specialized education tracks that include student teaching.  The program has worked with several universities around the country to provide these opportunities, and is working with several others for approval.  Opal Leeman Bartzis has worked for several years to develop these programs with a group of teacher education faculty as advisors.

Interaction International

The CCTEC program with Interaction International coordinates overseas student teaching experiences for students in international schools worldwide.  CCTEC only places students from their twenty-two member institutions, all of which are Christian universities and colleges.

University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Out of State and International Student Teaching Program

UNI places students from over 20 universities in international schools in dozens of countries worldwide through its international student teaching office.  Leigh Martin coordinates the program from the campus of Korea International School in Seoul.  UNI also offers extensive support in placing teachers in overseas schools through its Overseas Placement Service for Educators office, which includes an annual overseas recruiting fair – attended by numerous international schools from around the globe. 

University-Based Programs

Global Teacher Education is currently researching and compiling a list of universities that offer student teaching abroad programs to their students, and details about their programs.  If your university offers these programs to pre-service teachers, please complete this survey to share information about your program, or email GTE at admin at globalteachereducation dot org.


Global Teacher Education would like to thank its Advisory Committee on International Field Experiences and the individuals cited above for their assistance in developing this page. 

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