Our staff is committed to further building the GTE site into to one that will be meaningful for teacher educators. Our staff has experience working in teacher education, in education policy, as educators, and in their communities.


Interim Executive Director

Dr. Joanne Arhar

Joanne Arhar, Ed.D. Is Interim Executive Director of Global Teacher Education, Inc. She received a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters Degree in History and Bachelors Degree in English Education both from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Prior to serving GTEI, she was a Professor and Associate Dean in the College of Education, Health, and Human Services at Kent State University and Professor in the College of Education at the University of South Florida.  She has been a high school English teacher, school administrator, professional development specialist, and consultant to the human resources division of several major national corporations.  

Believing in the importance of global competence of teachers and K-12 leaners, internationalizing teacher education was a major focus of Joanne’s work at Kent State University.  She formed a Global Learning Scholar’s Study Group and developed several grant funded projects to support the internationalization of teacher education in Ohio.  She is the co-author of Action Research for Teachers:  Traveling the Yellow Brick Road and Leading into the 21st Century and author of numerous articles, book chapters, and research papers related to teacher preparation and the professional development of teachers.


Former Interns

Elham Ali

Elham Ali is serving a GTE Graduate Research Intern for the Spring 2015 semester. As a graduate student at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, Elham is focusing her studies in International Education. She received her B.A. in Hispanic Studies from the University of Houston. She was a year-long study abroad student and teacher in Seville, Spain. Elham's research intrests will include the Impact of International field experience and intercultural student teacher opportunities. She is also intrested in the promotion of study abroad for pre-service teachers, second languaguage acquisition for teachers and students as well as diversity in study abroad. Her future career goals include returning to her native Eritrea to design and implement community-driven organizations that specifically focus on rural education for girls, women's empowerment initiatives, and human rights awareness.

Marissa Gutherz

Marissa Gutherz is a Masters Candidate at New York University majoring in International Education Development. Marissa also works as a fulltime Special Education Unit Coordinator for the New York City Department of Education in a school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Marissa has taught for four years in the United States, Chile, and South Africa. Marissa's interests including teacher training/mentoring, international curriculum devleopment, education non-profit work and cross cultural exchange. She will be serving as a Development Intern during the Spring 2015 semester.

Annelise Hammond-Mulack

Annelise Hammond-Mulack was a Graduate Research Intern for GTE in the fall of 2013.  During her time as an intern, she focused on the area of international field experiences for pre-service teachers.  She made significant contributions to re-developing this area of the website, including extensive conducting extensive research to write an annotated bibliography and literature review.  Annelise also acted as producer for the Global Competence and the Common Core: Implications for Teacher Education webinar, providing technical support for five facilitators and nearly 70 participants.  She also contributed to GTE's blog.  In the spring of 2013, she graduated with a Master's of Education with certification in 6-12 Social Studies from the University of North Alabama and moved to East Timor where she teaches in an international school

Jason Harshman

Jason R. Harshman is an Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa. A National Board Certified teacher and with a PhD in Global Education from the Ohio State University, Jason’s research interests include examining the intersections of youth cultures and critical global education, globally minded critical pedagogy in teacher education, and developing how media and technology are used to support global citizenship education. Jason is currently co-editing a book entitled Research in Global Citizenship Education.  He worked as a Research Intern and blogger for GTE in the Spring of 2013.  Jason can be followed on Twitter @tchlrnchnge.

Robin Vitucci

Robin Vitucci is a Doctoral Candidate studying Education Policy at George Mason University and worked as a Graduate Research Intern with GTE for the Spring 2014 semester.  She is currently an Associate in the Educational Issues Department of the American Federation of Teachers.  There, her major work area is teacher quality, with a focus on policy at the federal and local levels.  Her research interests include teacher preparation, international education comparisons, and teacher development and evaluation. In addition to contributing blog content, while at GTE she researched and authored articles on international teacher preparation and K-12 partnerships to support internationalization - contributing significantly to the Systemic Change section of the website. She contrRobin tweets from @AFTRJP.